Questions to ponder

…in hopes of inspiring your writing, art, lively conversations, or quiet thinking:

  • Do you live with friends, family members, your children, co-workers, romantic partner(s)? How are you/you all doing?
  • If you live alone (with or without pets), how are you feeling about your situation?
  • If you live apart from your partner/spouse, how is that going?
  • How can you afford to live alone if you’re doing so?
  • If you live with others but hope to find a place of your own, are finances holding you back – and/or are there other factors?
  • If you cohabitate with a spouse/partner, what are your thoughts on sharing space, creating moments of solitude, and feeling a sense of community while in a romantic relationship?
  • If you’re currently going solo (living alone), do you see yourself ever living with a significant other? If so, what do you think that would look like?
  • How many single friends and family members do you have in your life? How many of them live alone? What do you know of their experiences?
  • Do you know of any adults who live in cooperative housing situations – i.e., running the household together as a group, growing and preparing food, sharing childcare, etc.
  • Does your town or city offer affordable efficiency units for singletons? Does it offer creative living complexes or communities for singles?
  • How may more introverted singles and singletons cherish their quietude while also feeling a sense of community?
  • What is your relationship with technology and virtual connectedness – and with the actual people behind the messages?
  • What can we do about the worldwide “epidemic” of people choosing to live alone deep into their elder years? Can new medical models and housing situations be adopted to support dignity in one’s own living space?
  • Please share any ideas you may have about affordable living spaces, relationships, connections vs. solitude – or any such topics on your mind.


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  1. As an OT, I can chime in on your question about elders aging alone. Absolutely, there are modifications that can be made to allow for continued ability to stay in heir home, and safely. Up to a point, of course, but that point can and should be extended as long as possible. Most are simple things, and relatively inexpensive, short of building ramps,etc. In my opinion, all new construction should be required to meet minimum standards for door widths, laundry near bedrooms vs in the basement, etc. that would pre-emptively address questions related to potential physical decline.


    1. All new construction should definitely reflect these standards, I agree. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and functional in their own homes. I guess I’m worried about the state of home health care, specifically. Here in NM, the aides get paid pennies and no small surprise that there’s a high turnover and many are unreliable (how can you be reliable if your wages don’t cover the cost to feed and transport your own family around town)? I love that you’re an OT! Hooray! Write away on this topic whenever you feel so inspired! Indeed, this nation can use your input as we’re going to be caring for all of those Baby Boomers ASAP. 🙂

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      1. Already been seeing the Boomers, for a few years now. We run into the same problem with CNA’s in sub-acute rehab hospital and long-term care facilities. Pay is low, turnover high, quality of care crappy, and begging for potential hirees. These are the ones who have the most direct contact with patients throughout the day, yet they’re paid $10/hour and overworked.


        1. Exactly! It is heartbreaking. We’re really struggling in this nation to take care of our elders — especially the ones who can’t afford fancy facilities with medical care all around them. (I realized after I typed my last note that I meant “we’re going to be caring for the REST of those Baby Boomers ASAP.” 🙂 Thank you for all you do.

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