Table for One — “Who but You?” living alone series

Welcome to my singleton kitchen.

Although it seems I’ve been eating healthfully my entire life, an autoimmune disease & general menopause challenges encouraged me to use nutritional healing even more.  Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, dried soup mixes, total rip-off gourmet gluten-free frozen pizzas, and fried eggs still make steady appearances when I’m unmotivated and tired at dinnertime, but here are some favorite summertime meals* I prepare for myself when I have the energy:

CIMG4532Summer squash & garlic quesadillas with mozzarella cheese in gluten-free (mostly rice flour) tortillas.  Store-bought green chile-tomatillo salsa on the side.

CIMG4533Typical summer breakfast:  cold soaked steel-cut oats with dried plum, nectarine & fresh ginger.  Almond milk.

CIMG4534Vegetable soup with tofu.

CIMG4541That other photo with the oats in the pretty bowl:  only sometimes.  When I forget to pre-soak the oats in the refrigerator, I make them on the stove top and eat ‘em straight out of the pot.  (Why mess with the middleman when you live alone?)  Green apples and nectarines on top.

CIMG4597Another kind of vegetable soup, adapted from a recipe and ready to freeze the extras.  Soba noodles, carrots, Bragg’s (soy sauce with amino acids), dandelion greens, chard, and kale made their way into this soup.

 CIMG4713Another plate of quesadillas (corn tortillas) with extra vegetables thrown in the middle. Store-bought red and green salsas in a swirly loveliness on the side.

CIMG4717Smoothie snack.  Recommended by my DOM (acupuncturist/all-around life saver). Today’s included filtered water with chopped up green apple; some raisins; and fresh spinach & cilantro shoved whole-leaf into the blender.  When I make these for my late afternoon snacks, I can feel the difference in my energy and overall well-being within a couple of days.  Oftentimes, I forget but will get back into making them when I’m feeling low or mildly ill.  They only take about 3 minutes to make, but sometimes my tired ass needs to be forgiven for its neglectful ways when I get off track.

* Photos taken 7.9.15 through 7.25.15

Eating at work:
At my main job, I don’t have time to leave the school to go out to eat.  I usually make sure to bring a full lunch and I take a half hour to sit, eat and rest before teaching again.  The night before a workday, I pack a massive salad, an Amy’s (gluten-free) burrito, and snacks such as raw nuts/seeds, carrot sticks & the like, and pieces of fruit.  But I’m human and sometimes I run out the door in the morning hoping that a bag of corn tortillas and a can of beans will get me through the day.

If you also live alone, what do you eat?

Thanks for perusing my words and photos.

–Kim Adonna
July 2015

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Super creative and intimate, thanks for sharing, Kim!


    1. K. Adonna says:

      Thank you very, very much, dear Susana! ❤


  2. Jean says:

    I love cooking at this time of year when so much wonderful, fresh local food is available. Your quesadillas look particularly delicious.


    1. Kim Adonna says:

      Thank you for reading (and peeping), Jean! I love this time of year as well. Your blog is always so colorful and filled with nature’s art.


  3. Kim, Menopause, or the trip to it, SUCKS THE BIG ONE. I am inspired by your writings. Your diet seems really great to me. I have to cook different meals for myself sometimes because they wont eat things like…oh, …chicken livers ( I adore them and they really help ) and dried fruit…I could live on beans and rice with spinach and kale…One of my biggest problems is my love/obsession/ fetish for cooking. I love good food, good wine and pretty much anything decadent….I want to hear more about your life ! Lets share recipes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kim says:

      Menopause is INSANE! I have to say, though, that some days I do feel different in a really good way. And no more debilitating cramps? Right on! ….I wonder if I should introduce a little more meat into my diet. I was a vegan/vegetarian for so many years, I’m just used to making the same veggie dishes over and over. But let me tell you — just yesterday, I was craving a big, juicy hamburger like you wouldn’t believe. I ended up eating at home (another veggie dish…~sigh~), but I WILL get some red meat this week! Your love of cooking, wine, luxury yuminess? Hey, I don’t see a problem in the room. No problem at all. (Yes to sharing recipes! My email is …or, write your own posts with recipes and we’ll all enjoy?)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mmmmmmmmm….BURGER……..LOL. Drooling. More to come…must wash drool. It’s down right unsanitary….not to mention unsafe around electronics!


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